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Yes it will!- Try to think of it too as now that you are moving forward and creating new behaviors and patterns for yourself your ego (Old self) which has kept you safe before doesn't like it and it"s scared to death you are going to leave it with no power - !! :) The old part wants to leave but we are afraid of the unknown, so we keep going back to what feels safe and familiar - Does that feel about right- ?!! Not sure am explaining so well- I try to laugh and joke with the ego when I see its there- not easy though - The old part wants to leave...-so these times are when you have new plans and they work for a time, then we get anxious and panic - thats just the ego scared of the changes - like you say you well for a time then it falls off for a few days- Step by step and keep acknowledging the good parts - Try not to focus on anything Tracy- don't give it your attention, i.e the weight and the gym etc - I read about how what we focus on and think about most we get more of - good and bad - so if you focus on things you bring them more to the forefront and they cause more anxiety - right? It's like Joanna says in here book- rather than trying to change things, then we fail or beat ourselves up (Specially around weight etc ) Instead start something new.... Take care

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