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yes, it does sound uncomfortable to affirm my worth when I am so busy destroying those opportunities. I have never, ever given consideration to actually having positive thoughts about myself when engrossed in negative behaviors. That does seem hard. But..I am going to try it right now. I am a good mother to my children, I keep them safe and happy. I am a good daughter and a good friend I am a hard worker I will not always be sick I am just as important as the next person What I say and how I feel is important I know how to say I am sorry when I hurt someone I know that I do not want my eating disorder to kill me because I have a lot to live for... this last one was the hardest to write, because there are times that I have felt that dying is a trade-off I am willing to accept. Hardest to write- but most important- because without this one, I will never have the opportunties for the rest of them...

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