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I'm amazed to see someone have such a good grasp, and seemingly very genuine, comfortable, acceptance, of this type of viewpoint at such a young age.

Whilst it's not dissimilar to my own viewpoint, I'm not sure I could imagine my girls having such a solid understanding of it as this boy seems to have. Although my eldest has always been very taken with the concept of "big bang theory" to explain how we and the universe that we are part of came to be, ever since she was about 5 or 6, and she finds religion so unpalatable, although she can respect other people's choices to believe in whatever they wish to believe in - but in that she also shows the naivety that comes with being so young, in the way she dismisses any attempts by me or my husdand to reason with her that there is much value and much to be learnt from a lot of religious teachings in themselves without needing to believe in or follow the faiths that they originate from,

But she is young, and I suspect that will change as she gets older, and realises the value of being open to listening to and reflecting upon a whole range of ideas and viewpoints (in all areas of life), including the ones that challenge your own beliefs, not just the ones that support them.


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