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Wow Joanna, this has to be one of your best blogs!

I read the links (the ones that work for me) and I did your writing exercise.

What I learned was that the part of me that doesn't want to eat, doesn't trust my body. There are good reasons it doesn't trust my body; it's been obese twice, it's attracted men who hurt me, and it's causes me physical pain.

By listening and looking at my life and recovery from “hurt Kym's” view, I feel like I can start acknowledging the fears and mistrust and I can start to build up some trust between my two sides (sick and healthy sides).

Today I spent my morning at a local Grotto where I walked the labyrinth talking to “hurt Kym” and sat under the tall trees crying for her hurts and trying to understand what she needs.

After coming home I ate my entire lunch and took an hour long bubble bath as a way to nurture both parts of me.

I'm not sure where this approach will take me, but I want to thank you for challenging me to look at myself from a different view.

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