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Some of the reasons I am so hooked on your site Joanna are that I get to be part of an authentic caring community and have direct dialogue/exchange with you and everyone else via the blog and the forum.

I also highly value how your blogs are so rich in context and content. You always give me something to think about, ask myself, dig into. I come knowing there is always an opportunity for learning. I feel "invited" to work on my recovery when I'm here. I like that your tone is part teacher, part wise sage, part encouraging journey companion. Your words mean a lot.

No matter what you write, I always find something in your blogs and in others' comments that I can relate to. Often what you write about is exactly what I'm needing in the moment. It's kind of magical. I also like that the forum gives me an opportunity to be supported and support others. It feels good to give back.

When I come to the site in an emotional state, it's often with feelings of stuck, not feeling understood, going back and forth over a decision or wondering if what I'm experiencing is "normal."

In fact, I'm going through a time right now where I'm feeling a bit beside myself and stuck about how to handle a recovery issue and there are different options and my team has different opinions. I know if I write about it on the forum that it's highly likely someone from this caring community will have a story to share or some advise or encouragement (It's around the scale and whether to continue to let my team weigh me, give up weighing altogether which I'm not ready for, or try trusting myself to use a scale responsibly once every two to four weeks). It's pretty wonderful to know people are here and willing to help.

I will write more as I think of it.


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