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when I first looked at this painting,my initial take on was the following: a mother, alone with a child, braving harsh weather and LEAVING the area where there is the safety of a home...is it hers, a neighbors? a strangers? is she traveling? Then I thought, well perhaps she is heading TOWARD her home, carrying with her things necessary for warmth (twigs to burn) and nutrition (goat milk for her and her child)....and my inital thought on the goat was that she was dragging it as somewhat an afterthought. She must be tired and appears to be dragging under the weight of her responsibilities. Her daughter looks like a trooper. The weather looks rough. I hope they are heading inside their own home, I don't think they will make it very far if they don't get to shelter. The mother looks resilient, however, and tough. I think she knows what she is doing. I am looking foward to Mother's Day. My kids have always done the sweetest things for me. I love the handmade gifts and the picked flowers they arrange for me. Their innocense in thinking I don't know what they are giving me is sweet. (afterall, I took them shopping and they used my credit card :) I love to watch how happy they are when they see how much I appreciated what they are doing for me. I love the "little things"...but really, they are the biggest things to me. I have recently (in the past year or so) begun to resolve my relationship with my mother. I cant change her, only my response to her. She is miserable, depressed, and generally hates her life. She does nothing to improve her situation. I love her, and I spend the amount of time with her that I can handle. Then, I leave. It gets easier everyday. I am trying not to think about food as an issue tomorrow. I am going to enjoy my day. My brother is making brunch for the mothers in my family (he is a chef), and he makes deserts like you wouldnt believe. I am going to have a bite of this and that...he is a wonderful cook. i am going to savor and enjoy, not fret or rush or gorge or regret. I spend enough time thinking I am a bad mom and this is one day I try to reflect on the fact that I really do a great job and the best I can. I love my kids. I hope my older daughter gives me a back rub like last year :)

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