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Eating Disorder Recovery
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Eating Disorder Recovery Psychotherapist
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What else do you read, PTC? I have a long list - mostly in my mind - of books and authors I want to read before I die. I've had this list for a long time and move on it sporadically. But.... every time I read something on the list I grow. I learn a new perspective. My outer world and inner world expands. Right now I'm reading Tom Wolfe's Look Homeward Angel. It's tearing my heart out with beauty and human passions. What's on your list? Do you have one? Maybe it's time to pick up the words of a genius and go on a new inward journey. Eating disorder material is so limiting, especially if you use it to stay in the eating disorder. Why not venture out? Theordore Driser's American Tragedy might be a possibility. Or maybe something entirely different. Did you ever read Gone with the Wind? There's a woman to know! Give your mind a stretch, PTC. It's a terrific gift to yourself.

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