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Joanna - I too am so glad you are back. I was getting a bit worried. You DO sound a little different. There is a different intensity in your tone.

Pain is an interesting teacher. I've know it well for thirty some odd years.  I listen to it and try to understand what it's telling me. Sometimes I determine it's danger pain and I take some sort of action or stop some sort of action. Other times I determine that I'm in a down cycle and it's awful but it's what is and I try to keep going.

My latest adventure with pain was having to go off of the heavy anti-inflammatory meds I've been on for decades as it was causing me to develop ulcers after all these years. The doc wanted me to go on some controlled substance meds for the pain he said was coming but I decided I wanted to experience the new pain and understand it. It was shocking for the first three weeks but now it has become my new normal. I don't enjoy having more pain but it's do-able. I'm hoping I can maintain my stance this fall as it always gets worse when the weather changes.

I'm definitely someone who has had to learn to ask for help. There are lots of things I just can't do physically...or just shouldn't do. People can see when I'm not doing well so they usually question whether I should be lifting or carrying things. Or they offer an arm when I look unsteady on stairs. I used to cherish being independent and now I am grateful to have people who know me well enough to give me a talking to when they see me doing stuff I shouldn't.

"Friends" come and go I've learned. I have a small circle of heart friends that I know will drop everything to help me. The other people get overwhelmed with their own lives and I think that even though they want to help, and say so, they have their own stuff to deal with. I think most of us fill our lives too full to be able to do a lot of the things we think would be nice or right to do. I try my hardest to be available for my friends and even I falter too.

Kym - I hope your migraines stay away. I've been away from dancing for the last month and I hate not being there.
Tracy - stay hydrated! I've been watching the news and it sounds very difficult over on your coast.

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