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Every year since I got my house, around the time of the first frost, I light a fire in my fireplace every night I am home.  Tonight as i was lighting it once again, I started wondering how much money I am spending on logs and firestarters. My first instinct was to feel badly about this, and that perhaps I should limit myself to two or three nice fires a week...but then I started thinking...what do I really do for ME? As all of you moms can attest to, most of my money and time goes toward buying my children things they need and spending free time doing things with them. 
This fire that I make every night symbolizes something more for me than just a "fire".  It is something that I love, something that is comforting, something that is beautiful to look at, to hear, to smell.  I don't care if I spend a little extra money every month. Tonight I decided that this is MY thing to enjoy. It doesn't take away from others, it doesn't hurt others. But it certainly does a lot for my spirit.  It is the background to my moments of relaxation - after the kids have gone to bed and I have time to read, reflect, watch tv, or journal. I don't know if this even fits here, but I felt the need to share this. thanks :)  And Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

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