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Tracy...it went really well, I sat down and said that I wasn't sure I could say what I needed to say, and hesitated a bit, but once I forced myself to start and started talking about things, I was actually okay, even on the sexual stuff. It's funny you should say that we think we hide stuff well, but with those close to us it doesn't work quite the same, as I received a gift from a friend in the post yesterday, with a really poignant message, I think she sensed that I needed it. I totally understand how hard it is to truly 'let people in', I used to keep everyone at arms length, but I'd like to think that at least my elbows are flexed thesedays :-) I'm working on it! You seem really focussed and pro-active today Tracy, I'm glad you've brought your appointment with your therapist forward if you recognise that you are going to need the support...sounds like you're doing brilliantly! x

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