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Tracy, I think it's quite 'par for the course' really...if you think about it, you've had 2 positive days, which means you've had 2 days of having to cope with the feelings and emotions that you would normally use your ED to deal with, and it's not unreasonable that those feelings are going to get to you at some point, and make you want to go back to ED behaviours to cope. The thing is you might have had 2 good days and one not so great day this time, but if you persevere and keep plodding on with it, you will go on to have good weeks, and good months between the not so good days. It is tiring, and tempting to want to just cave in to the pressure of your ED behaviours, for an "easier life"...but it's not really a better life, and I know you know this really...keep at it Tracy, you can do it, and you will do it!

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