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Tracy and Kim, You are talking about the challenges that face adult women with eating disorders, that face mothers with eating disorders. So much of recovery work, research and professional discussion still revolves around teens and younger. It's important to address the needs of children, of course, but adults have been neglected for a long time. I've been working with adult women with eating disorders in my practice for over 20 years - maybe more. Each one has felt isolated, alone and ashamed of their suffering. Challenges that face adult women in recovery are not the same as those that face children - especially when it comes to preparing food for themselves and their families. Good grief. Children have to eat quality food on a regular basis. Children need to learn about food, table manners, the difference between a meal and a snack, the difference between a meal and dessert, the difference between routine meals and special treats. And they have strong positions on texture and color. Some won't eat meat. Some won't eat green vegetables. Some practically live on cheese - grilled cheese sandwiches, string cheese, pizza while parents worry about too much dairy and not enough iron but are glad to see their children eating something. And what about birthday parties and play dates with the array of snacks and sweets offered? And what about filling a lunch box every day with food your child will actually eat? This is a difficult challenge for any parent. For a mother with an eating disorder it's more than a challenge. She has to be courageous throughout the day as she meets her triggers while she works to provide nourishment (there's that word, Tracy) for her children. Please - give yourself a break. Cook, yes. But Keep It Simple. Befriend a steamer and electric rice cooker. In minutes you can have a combination of vegetables and rice. Add your favorite sauces and/or herbs for variation. Have a little protein on the side or add to your rice mix. Vary it with what's in season and what looks good to you. By all means explore cookbooks for more complex recipes both for fun and variety. But give yourself some basic tools with simple foods you can prepare for a "nice" meal you can "eat nicely" as part of your routine. The two "K's" - Kindness and Keep it simple will see you through.

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