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Dear PTC,

First,  know about those water bugs. They are huge.  Talk about a wake up call!

Never did I have on my list of dreams and goals to study about economics, business, manufaturing, the chemistry of floor carpeting and the design of heating systems.  But here I am, going for my certificate in sustainability at UCLA and learning about these things in a way that matters to me and to all of us whether all of us know it or not.

I'm also taking an introductory to sustainabiity class through coursera.com given my J Tomkins, PhD, at Univeristy of Illinios.  It's wonderful and bringing me up to date on what I think is the most important issue facing all of us today - again - whether all of us know it or not.

In terms of jobs, the field of sustainability is vast covering areas of social justice, employee management, manufacturing, science, government, land, water and air of the world, health, forestry, animal husbandy, agriculture, what we eat, buy, use, philosophy, spirituality, creative connections between and among people in local communities and throughout the world.  I mean, it includes everything!

And, because giving attention is relatively new but is a field that is growing with lightning speed, thank goodness, jobs are opening up all the time.  And opportunities to create your own job are also present.

Go exploroing, PTC.  There's so much more for your fine mind to be thinking about and wonderful ways for you to be using your energy.  Under that stress of yours is a lot of terrific energy you can use and that the world wants and needs.

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