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Beware of anger that leads to bitterness or vengeful thoughts.  These only serve to poison you and create more pain.

I need to keep that one in mind.  I recently got rid of two people I use to call friends.  Honestly, I hate them both at the moment, one more than others.  Both disappointed me greatly.  One lied.  I shouldn't be surprised that she only has 1 friend, the one she met through me.  I wish ill will on her.  I want to whack her with my field hockey stick.  She is a vengeful person and what she did was not cool, to say the least. 

I know none of that really makes sense because it would take too long to go into details, but I hate her and I want bad things to happen to her.  I have anger, a lot of anger.  My therapist said today, "Wow, you never swear."  I did today when talking about this person.  She, and  the other one, make me angry and I have vengeful thoughts.  I hate them. I know hate is a strong word and I shouldn't hate anyone, but I do.

One of these girls I was friends with for 5 years.  She took care of my cats when I wasn't here.  She said NOTHING when I had to put my cat to sleep 3 weeks ago.  Not a word.  That didn't help me hate her any less, I'll tell you that much.

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