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thanks shh, sounds like we are struggling with similar issues. I also have had concerns about her time in front of the television and with her DSi, phone, and MP3. We joined a gym not too long ago and there are great activities for the kids, so I am hoping to get her moving there. I suspect she has a very sluggish metabolism to start with and will try to remember to ask her doctor about the possibility of thyroid problems. I also pack her lunches so that I have more control over what she eats. (and I don't mean control in a negative way :) I get sad because I saw her hopping on and off my scales the other day (much like she must catch me doing), and last night she said her arms were too fat to wear a tank top to tumbling class. But like Joanna said, I need to remember to take my clouded eating disordered vision into check before I make decisions or make comments. Let me know how things are going with your daughter. Tracy

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