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Today I feel so fully reconnected with "her", my authentic self, the one I discovered on my way to recovery, and subsequently lost again over the course of the last 8 months or so.

I realise that I need to trial some ideas with my living space to see what will work and how best to execute or if necessary modify or scrap my ideas, so I have enlisted the help of a friend to come at the weekend and help me to move some heavy pieces of furniture around and get a feel for what is achievable - amazingly a lot of my ideas follow the bagua without my even consciously attending to it :)

A lot about me has changed in the last 2-3 years and I need my living space to change to accommodate the person I am now - I have very little money to spend, but I do have my eye on a beautiful orange reading chair and footstool, and a collection of canvasses painted by both myself and my two girls that are brimming with energy and life, and I feel need to be displayed, so those 2 elements are kind of the focus of my ideas and everything else fits around them. Thankfully these rooms a pretty clutter-free, they are the 2 rooms I find it most important to keep on top of, so there's scope for this to feel a pretty creative project from the outset.

Thank you for your good wishes Joanna!


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