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thanks guys! I woke up this morning feeling a bit different than I have in a while. As I was fixing breakfast for my girls, I did not get the usual wave of disgust along with horrible negative self talk. I decided not to eat, but I contemplated the idea that food is not a bad thing. That I need to eat, that maybe it is good for me to eat..and...that I am not a bad person if I eat...I often cannot hang on to feelings like this for very long...I pray that I have a good day. I will be in the presence of some stressful company today, so it will be a huge test. I am just happy for a better morning. I will take it. Shh, thank you for all of your peer support. I read so many of your comments from the past months and you are a really big motivator for me. Thank you. I hope you all have a really nice Sunday :)

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