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Thank you Joanne, for bringing this back on FB. I’ve never this idea in writing….not sure if finding it when I got out of IOP would have stopped me from learning this lesson the hard way! My therapist tried to slow me down but I’m pretty stubborn and I crashed. Everything you wrote was true…my therapist didn’t call it bingeing, but kept telling me that I didn’t need to solve all my problems at once; I’m a tried and true “problem solver.” The nice thing is that now I know this about me and I know taking things slowly and carefully works much better. I’ve also learned that I need to check in with her to see if I’m trying to do too much too fast. Obviously I have the final say, but I value her experience (ED isn’t whispering HER ear). I get tired of things I’ve put into place to keep myself safe, but I keep reminding myself that it’s not forever and when it’s time to be done with them, I will know. I’m feeling ready to move from meal planning to logging what I eat (to see if I can eat appropriately unplanned foods), but I know I can’t make any changes until I talk to my therapist and dietitian. Meal planning has been my anchor through all my slips so it would be a big move for me. It is hard waiting for those appointments, but my best recovery work has been done when I’m patient and take it slow. As you said, I can’t afford to take away my anchor before I know how to fly….even if my wings so badly want to do a test flight!! Written on my white board at work is a quote I heard: Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. That mantra has gotten me through some very impatient moments!! Thanks again for bringing this back up. Kym

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