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Thank you, Joanna. I have gotten better at asking for help, but it is still a huge challenge for me. I have always felt that I should be able to "do it all". I need to find a support group. I do need to find a way to incorporated serenity into these moments. Last night, for instance, my solution to her screaming was to turn on the dryer, the dishwasher, and the air purifier to drown out her noise. Then I ate a piece of cake. (!) I realize too, that because I am currently on steroids for a tendon issue, I am more edgy and irritable to start with. I dedicated my entire session with my therapist this morning to talking about ways I can work better with both of my children. I will start working harder on breathing excercises. I know it will be a challenge to pull that out of my pocket successfully at first, but I know it will be a better solution than just trying to ignore the screaming. I think it is possible. I just need to be patient and practice.

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