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sounds like, it , yes. I think at the moment it was the only thing I could think of because I felt so frustrated. I deal with adults having tantrums at work all day, then I come home to a child who has them.. I am truly working on finding ways to have more inner calm. I have written about my successes recently with finding ways to soothe myself and hobbies that I have found that I enjoy. I do feel I am moving in a positive direction in many parts of my life...but this issue does need a lot of attention. I think it also demands specific and different soothing methods, because these methods need to be things i can grab in an instant..i am working on finding ways to prevent my own meltdowns by seeking support from experts in working with her in therapy and also by having respite evenings out with friends. (working on getting more of these!) I know she feeds off me to some degree, that she senses my frustration. Thanks for the feedback!

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