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So my fill-in T wanted me to eat 2,000 calories today, write a menu for the day and follow it. I guess she doesn't understand what Easter is like, especially for Italians, because we don't eat lunch and dinner, we eat one big meal and that's about it. I told her that but she didn't seem to get it. I didn't want to spend my Easter obsessing about what I was eating and what time I was eating it, and writing it all down, so I did not. I just wrote it all down for her now, at the end of the day...no times, no measurements, just food. She won't like that but I didn't want to ruin my holiday because she wanted me to obsessively think about all of my food and write it down. I don't care if I didn't eat 2,000 calories, all I know is that I had a nice Easter!

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