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shh, I so hope you are not hurt or offended. It does not seem you are and I appreciate your understanding. Sometimes I don't know when something is brewing below the surface. I definitely had no warning at the time I was writing to support your situation. Perhaps it is a good thing, as in the past, I may not have been even able to read your post, much less respond. I still didn't know until I was writing last night and reading Joanna's responses and felt a horrible panic inside. When I identified what that panic was....when I placed it's origins- I realized it was all about the pain I have surrounding my abuse. Joanna mentioned me as my inner child and that did it for me as far as taking me back to the feelings of that time and placing them in the present. taking me back to that place then took me to your post for some reason. I so appreciate your support. I take ownership of my posts and the times i choose to support others. I think this is a good opportunity for me to see that I can be confronted with triggers, identify them, ask for support so I am not alone, then bear the feelings...and still be ok... thank you for your comment. I will talk with you soon! tracy xx

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