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Dear Shh, Brava! What you say is so important. Sex and food are vital to keep the species going. Sexual craving can be extraordinarily powerful, as can cravings be for food. I don't know if what I'm about to write relates to your situation. If something powerful is going on in our psyche that we can't bear, or think we can't bear, then we need something equally or more powerful to block it. There's not much more powerful than the need to eat or have sex for species survival. The only thing I can think of that would join the group would be thirst. Perhaps that brings in alcoholism. So yes, stay with those body feelings. Write them out. Talk to your therapist or get into a sexual 12-step meeting and explore without acting out. You'll discover something that you can't know while you are distracted or even emotionally overwhelmed by powerful sexual feelings. I'm sure others are grateful to your posting this, Shh.

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