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Reading that petting a cat or dog can reduce your blood pressure doesn't begin to describe the experience. The calm, the trust, the snuggle and purr feels so cozy and sweet that you can relax with your friend and stay present for what is going on in your conversation. Before I had dogs my cats were allowed in my consulting room. So many times a little sable Burmese named Kuan Yin would curl in a patient's lap during our work. The patient relaxed, stroked the silken body rumbling with a low purr and engage in our work with more peace and trust. Sometimes a patient would be too sensitive for even that kind of contact and Kuan Yin would know. She would lie on the couch near the patient so the woman would reach out to touch that sable girl. Kuan Yin always knew when it was important for the human to make the first move and when she should stroll into someone's lap. And she knew when to stay away. The dogs are great co-therapists too, but usually in the garden waiting room, not in the consulting room. Cats are more intimate souls who can be in the deeps with you. It's so nice you have them. As for taking them with you to therapy .... we both know cats don't travel well. They like their home turf. :)

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