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I find this post really effective and helping me to re-balance my life.

When I read that list of things that are essential to Treya's self-confidence and well-being, I can very easily go "oh yeah, I get all of those things"...when what I really mean is, "well several months ago I was getting all of those things, and I still have those things accessible and within reach if I need/want them". The reality is, I have let things slip, I get more of some of the aspects than I probably need and very little or none of others, just the comfort of knowing they're there for when I need them.

I'm going to spend some time looking at this in more detail next week when my girls are back at school (they're off for half-term holidays this week).

Just skimming that list, I can see that I've let slip my regular walks, finding time for a social life/relationships, making sure I get enough hours sleep, caring for the wildlife that visits my garden and making time to enjoy it's presence, as well as more direct self care that I need to attend to now that I have the time - hair cut, dentist, eating/weight etc.

Thank you for this, it's a great reminder that attending to food/eating alone is not enough to combat a relapse, there's so much else that's fallen by the wayside too!

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