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It's one thing to create your environment based on other people's taste, or what you imagine their taste to be.  

It's a different matter when you think of people you care about and people you would like to know in terms of what would make them comfortable in your home.

The first method loses yourself.  The second method honors yourself.

I have modular table/benches throughout my house. I like them.  They are country wood and come in two sizes.  

I have them because my friends like a place to put their cup of tea down when we are talking in the living room.  I have them because I can move them aside to create more dance and theater space for the children in my life.

So I'm thinking of other people, but the choices I make are based on my taste and what I value.  

We do need to tinker with our plans as we evaluate the complexity of what we care about.  :)

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