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Hello everyone.

Tracy, you asked me to say more.  I will with this preface. 

I read what everyone writes in the comments. Yes, this is my website, but that doesn't mean I have complete freedom to say anything that occurs to me, nor do I want to.  I'm a psychotherapist. There are rules, laws and ethical restraints on what I write here or anywhere.  The bottom line of those restraints is this: I cannot (nor do I want to) do personal psychotherapy on this site or online. 

So I walk a line, listening to you, caring about what you are going through, offering encouragement and information but not stepping into what can be construed as psychotherapy.  Some of you can say what could be construed as psychotherapy, and it's okay because you are not licensed psychotherapists and under the constraints I am.

What I do my best to do is listen carefully to what you say. Then I may write something that relates indirectly or directly to the issues you raise in an attempt to find a deeper or general thread that applies to many people.  (I can write to many people. That's not psychotherapy.) If you are among the many people who can relate to what I write and find it useful, terrific.  

See my next comment for my POV on one of the issues being discussed.


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