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Melanie I am sorry, but not shocked by your post today. I never asked you to shut up, I asked you to be sensitive to others' feelings and to the environment that you are in, and to refrain from making judgements about other people's circumstances. You may not like to read what I wrote, but I thought you had designs on becoming a counsellor or therapist, and I think if you truly wish to follow that career path then my comments may have been useful to you? Anyhow, I am not willing to be drawn in to a debate over this, so I will bow out now and leave you this quote by Kate Baker, to consider: "You do not set the standard. You have not walked in my footsteps, danced in my shoes, or lived in my world. Do not judge me, point your fingers at me, or become experts on my life. Instead, celebrate with me in times of joy and cry with me in times of pain. Only then will we begin to understand each other."

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