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This is great.  Thank you.  And bring it on. I so appreciate the depth and quality of your thinking.

Yes, I am talking about a massive change here.  This is a huge project.  You see yourself that looking for the connections has some benefits.

I'm looking to create a system - not all at once - it's a big project - that acknowledges and works from the seeker's state and brings many different kinds of possible relevant resources.

The lovely word I've learned is transclusion.  It goes far beyond simply hitting a url for info relevant to what you are reading.

I'm back in kindergarten and loving it.  Very exciting stuff.  Hard, challenging, but I think definitely worth the effort.

So yes, share anything you've a mind to.  My hunch is that it will help both of us as well as readers who find this conversation.

It's a new adventure, or at least, what I consider adventure.  :)

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