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Lori I read and identified with what you wrote and yes I am sorry that I haven't responded to you or Tracy on this thread as I normally would, but not because what you said has been overlooked,just because I am time pressured and I already feel like I am writing "essays" rather than brief responses, and trying not to let them get too long. I also think Lori, that it is no bad thing when you don't know someone or their situation very well, to just read/listen and try to get an understanding of who that person is and what is going on for them before commenting. I have learned that sometimes when I post on here, thoughts come up that are not easy to bear, but it is actually beneficial in the long term to be left with those thoughts for a while, to learn to tolerate them and try to make sense of them for myself, without somebody else coming in and either triggering them further (if they say the wrong thing) or taking away from me the opportunity to grow and heal myself (if they say what I feel I need to hear). I find really often, people who are talking sensitive issues or about therapy, express how they feel ignored, unsupported, like people don't care etc ...and they are genuine, valid feelings, but what people don't always appreciate that part of therapy and healing is learning to tolerate your own feelings and learning how to soothe and care for yourself - which I think you can only really achieve by being left alone sometimes with difficult feelings. I'm glad you said how you felt, and I'm also glad that you are contributing to this thread - it is good to hear other people's experiences and the more of us who contribute, then the more chance there is that people who find it difficult to contribute will come on here and find something that they identify with that helps them. I'm sorry if I upsert you - it wasn't my intention!

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