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Joanna I am aware that at the moment my life is full of "endings" - I severed my relationship with my mother, who has now put her home up for sale (and I am so eager for it to be sold and for her to move on, so that there is no chance of her trying to find a way back into my life). My two closest friends are both moving away, both for finacial reasons, we will stay in touch but I won't see them with the frequency that I do now. My youngest is finishing at kindergarten ready to begin full-time school in September - which is a bit of a wrench, as I have been going there with at least one of the girls every weekday for the last 9 years, and I have lots of friends and feel comfortable there. My youngest starting full-time school also means that I am free during the daytimes to pursue something..some kind of career would be good, but I would still like to be around for the girls as much as possible. And my therapy is also coming to an end too - I will be terminating shortly after my little one goes to school in the fall... ...so all these endings, it's an emotional time, but a time that makes room for new beginnings to happen. I have the space in my life for this new direction, and I know roughly what the constraints are...I just don't really know what to do with it yet!

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