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Jan, I wanted to respond to your forum post here about your mom's visit, because for some reason my responses to forum posts do not actually seem to ever post, and if they do, it takes days. I wanted to respond before then. I can relate to your anxieties about your mom. I hope you have come up with some plans for making time for yourself. How honest can you be with your mom? Can you tell her that you have an ongoing date with yourself each day to meditate, go for a run, etc.? I guess I would look at it like this. You could make the time for yourself, or you could become frustrated, anxious, and upset if something happens and you don't have the outlet. I know that when I go with the first one it is because I am putting my needs in the back seat. You are in a mode of self care. I would encourage that you go with it. good luck, and check in with us to tell us how it's going :)

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