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I've been thinking about this question for several days now. The timing is great because my therapist asked me basically the same question. One thing I know for sure is that up until now, I thought I was happy when those around me were happy or approved of me. I was taught that serving others and sacrificing myself was the only way to be truly happy. I'm pushing 50 years old and that belief hasn't gotten me too far; it has however gotten me into my eating disorder mess! But, I've recently discovered my creativity. Beyond the fact that I can play several instruments, I've recently tapped into my ability to be creative when problem solving, writing, decorating and very recently, pampering myself. Some people think I'm crazy and a little “over the top,” but I feel happiness when I create things; I feel like I'm being genuine and I'm at peace with myself. It's like not fighting the real me to be what I've been told I should be. So I make and wear inspirational necklaces that will never be a fashion statement, and I decorate my house, car and office space with fairies because they remind me that life can be mystical; but it's means more than others can see....it's food for my healing heart.

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