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I think that part of the difficulty in eating today was not being able to get a good workout in. I had a jam packed day with no opportunity to slip in an extra hour of intense exercise. Usually, I find a way to do it, juggling various committments...as I usually put working out near the top of my list of priorities....so you have to know how packed my day has been. If I can't work out enough then I feel badly eating..not a good way to live, but just the facts right now. So I think this was also playing a part in my feelings of being overwhelmed the past 24 hours. so, my challenge is to not let one dictate the other. I feel so much better when I can get the work-out in AND eat normally...I would guess this is healthier than being hungry because I can't work out. but the mind games are the same i guess. atleast i am exploring the fact that this is crazy and that I need to figure out a way to be more rational. I know this way of thinking is not healthy and keeps me stuck. I need to figure out why I am too scared to give this all up. tracy

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