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I shouldn't be shocked that you picked this topic to write about today as I don't believe in coincidences. For the past 5 months I've been doing Nia (dance) for the sole purpose of connecting and appreciating my body. Sunday I struggled as my left side felt awkward and I felt disconnected. To stop any negative self-talk, I took a bubble bath but this time I did a “mindful bath” using my Nia skills. I started with my toes and worked my way up my body. I held each part of myself, thought about all it does for me, thanked it, and pampered it. I didn't allow any negative thoughts or judgements about how it looked. By the time I was at the top of my head I was in tears because of all the feelings of gratitude. My body has healed from the damage I've done to it and it keeps giving back to me; I have to keep it healthy!! You're correct, it's very hard to hurt something as wonderful as your body! The more I can appreciate my physical body, the more compassion I feel towards myself as a whole. Thank you so much for this blog!!!!

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