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I like reading these posts here because despite our setbacks with our mothers, our families, etc., everyone is trying to find a way to move past the traumas and difficulties in our past. The insight on this thread is amazing. I hope everyone had a good day whatever the day consisted of :) Mine was really nice. I spent some nice quiet time with my family...no big drama, no fighting amongst family members. Food was a moderate issue for me, but I am not going to beat myself up for it. My mom did make it a point, however, to bring out an old picture of me at a much heavier weight and talk was centered around how good i look now. She showed everyone who came over. I am not quite sure where her head is or what she is thinking in doing this. Does she not realize that just a few months ago she was concerned because i wouldn't eat? Fat or skinny? what do you want? I don't think it needs to be brought up at all. but, sigh...it's ok...this is my issue not hers. And she is always forgetting things anymore, so maybe she forgot how sick I was getting before. I am truly ok, she doesn't understand eating disordered thinking. I won't let this incident mess up my progress. (But I did steal the picture lol)

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