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I hope you all had the best day possible~ today was not so bad for me. I had a nice day with family. As usual, with my family, food plays the center role in get togethers. There were absolutely no surprises waiting for me here. My mom has actually been very supportive recently and encouraged me often throughout the day. She hung in there while I criticized and found fault with my appearance today (it flows so naturally from my lips), she ate next to me in a quiet room today, and supported me in a positive way when I asked her if it was ok to eat the food on my plate. I ate some things I don't usually eat today, and my body hurts and cramps. I have jumped on those scales a million times and my life isn't ruined. The good news is that I ate, and I didn't use compensatory measures to deal with this. I feel good despite the physical discomfort. I had a great time with my kids and with my family..no one fought or yelled today. I will check, but I am not panicking over what the scales may say tomorrow. I allowed myself to enjoy the day the best that I could. I think my meds are kicking in, and I think my brain has not starved as much the past week. Maybe I can reason better?? I will take today. It was a gift to me...I know I face the difficulty of tomorrow, but I am going to bed not starving tonight and looking foward to a day off tomorrow to play with my kids. i hope this makes sense. xxxx

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