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I guess we have to google those types of articles, PTC..I see your point. Atleast we can come here for some healthy, positive articles, blogs and support :) The solution to conflict is peace. I had a therapy appointment this morning. We discussed my irritation with the fact that my new medication is causing me to crave sugary items for which I normally have no desire. I am having to work out everyday to keep from gaining weight. The flipside is that the medication is making me less depressed and anxious. So my therapist and I decided that feeling less depressed and anxious is the most important thing right now. I am trying to have this peaceful partnership with myself. I had a conversation about this in my head tonight as I drove thru the drive thru to get chicken for my kids. I decided to get something too. I did my usual bread removal from the sandwich but generally ate a "normal" dinner. My goal today is to be ok with keeping my weight stable, and not being so preoccupied with losing weight. I think if I can do this, I will feel less crazy and obsessed. tracy

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