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I awoke this morning with a new determination to "fake it til I make it". If I stop for a minute and think...I can say that I have not been taking care of my needs, emotional or physical for the past few weeks. I am in the midst of a med change and I need to remember that med changes often cause me to have some mood issues. So I just need to hang in there and see if the new medication will work. I have also been neglecting my workouts. I used to go running or weight lifting everyday. I have not been going as much because I have been so busy with my daughter's therapy and because I felt gross and sluggish from some weight gain. I really need to start running again. Running always makes me feel good. I realize that I am doing the best that I can. I need to recognize that numbing myself with drugs or alcohol is not going to make the problem(s) go away. I know all this. I have just gotten so bogged down. I am going to go running today and try to clear my head some. I am going to try and not punish myself for feeling depressed, but recognize that it is what it is, and that I have gotten through it before and hopefully, will get through it again. thanks for your supportive words, Joanna.

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