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I am also not a nutritionist, although I work with them daily in my role at a health publication and, from what I've learned, this is spot on physiologically. I'd add that the effect (of restricting/denying oneself required nourishment) - irresistible excess - is compounded by operating on the diet mentality. I liken the factors (the third being opportunity, or having access to the sugary carbs to which you refer) to burly men in a dark alley. If there are three of them, what hope do you have? Simply (although not always so simple) answering your needs for carbs... complex, whole grains so your body has access to its preferred source of fuel... removes one of those 'men'. Not buying/storing doughnuts removes another. Then you stand a chance of winning; of fending off the assailant. Re: planning to succeed on a food-oriented day, we don't do Thanksgiving in Aus (realise this post is old), but it's Christmas tomorrow and, despite my rule about not eating breakfast or lunch, especially with the alcohol calories, I know if I don't challenge that, excess at night is inevitable, making a mockery of the 500 or so calories 'saved'. (So true about various sources of nourishment which, we'd do well to remember, is not negotiable.) Good luck to all on Xmas Day.

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