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Hi Tracy ok thanks I will!!! :) was meditating on the plane home from work today as to WHAT was causing this right now- The answer i got from asking this question to the universe/my higher self was OVERWHELM....... And that makes sense, I do feel overwhelmed but in a good way- my life and work is so great that my body is overwhelmed with the emotions...i can't seem to break them down they just stay there stuck= maybe am just enjoying them- :) but after almost one week of allowing this to be there am panicking a little cos i haven't eaten well at all- There is so much confusion goes on at this stage - like we are feeling great and then we forget about eating well and at the back of my mind a little alarm bell is going off saying- take heed or you will start to go backwards again- Joanna do you have advise to how to help with overwhelm - i get this such a lot but it does impact my eating rather a lot then eventually I get exhausted and the not so merry go round starts again - so my antenna warning system is up......

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