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Hi Tracy, I read your comment earlier today and you do need to live for your two kids. They need a healthy mom!!! I have my cats and my family (parents, siblings, etc). That's about it. No husband or kids. I just need to lose the weight. Granted, I weighed myself after running around and drinking a lot of water, had wet hair and just had dinner, so I'm hoping that's why I weighed so much, but I still weighed more than I should of so that's not the case. I just tried to convince myself that it wasn't real weight but I guess it was. Ugh, I'm going to weigh myself again in the morning to get a real number. I'll probably run to my appointment with my T tomorrow too, although that actually means I'm working out less than I would be if I went to the gym and then walked the 4 miles to see her, so who knows. I'll figure it out in the morning. Sorry, my brain is just going off on tangents. Tracy, you need to eat and take care of yourself, not only for your kids, but for you too. Your mom has every right to be worried about you. Have you been in treatment for a while?

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