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Hi Shh, It's not about growing to believe them. It's about giving yourself the opportunity to make them true. For example, if a person is in an almost constant state of irritation and snaps at people, the affirmations, "I am kind. I am patient" will certainly feel far from the truth. The person will feel uncomfortable saying these two affirmations. But what happens is that pushing against the discomfort lets the affirmations find a tiny place in your awareness. Day after day of repeating the affirmations helps a spark of new awareness grow. Over time you discover you have a choice between a quick snap and a patient response - now and then. But as you bring the new awareness into new action you get a different kind of response in the world that will reinforce your new action. And so the building continues. Then, without even realizing it you incorporated this way of thinking and behaving into your ordinary life. (I'm going to develop this a little as a post for everyone. It's such an important piece of needed understanding. Thank you, as always, for your helpful and comment, Shh.

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