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Hi Shh, I suggest that you befriend your easel and art materials with no deadline except to visit once a day. Set up the easel. Put the art materials where you can easily access them. Every day, stand in front of the easel. Hold a brush and make a mark on a piece of paper or canvas you have set up with no intention in mind except to visit a friend. Let it all unfold as it will. Let yourself be surprised. You are getting reacquainted with an old friend. As much as we love our old friends we and they are not the same as when we last saw them. The love remains and surprises come up as we discover the effect of time. Be gentle, respectful and friendly, Shh. A lot of seasoning has happened within you since high school. And no one has the power to prevent you from being with your art, so relax and begin gently. I'm so happy for you! P.S. I've started Albert Camus' "The Stranger" and am feeling missing and needed nourishment seep into my neglected artistic sensibilities. Our hearts love being honored! Joanna

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