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Hi PTC, Your therapist is away and having a baby. That's got to be an emotional challenge for you. I hope you can use the learning that will come from this experience to help you be more kind and appreciative of your own body. She was "big with child", as the old saying goes. She wasn't fat. Her body was doing the womanly thing of gestating a baby that will come out. The next time you see her she will have a different shape from when you last saw her. She'll be smaller. And you will notice. People see each other. People see you. They notice if you look well or ill. You are in the world. Part of anorexia is a desire to be invisible and even a belief that invisibility is possible. But you can't really control other people's perceptions. And people who care about you are saying something about your weight loss. They are concerned about you. Why not move toward your own healing by thinking of food as medicine? You take in your food medicine three times a day in the form of meals and twice more in the form of snacks. If you are at a weight that is too low, you may have derailed your sense of hunger. So eat your medicine and give your body a chance to establish hunger signals that you've lost. What's the risk? Surely you're not afraid of being healthy, are you? warm regards, Joanna

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