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Hi Joanna - glad things are progressing well with the book! It's interesting that you write about sleep deprivation, as it's something I have come to realise about myself in the last couple of weeks as a result of my musings between therapy sessions. It came about from trying to figure out what a "real hug" would feel like, and I concluded that if I ever got a genuine hug I would probably just want to stay there and curl up and go to sleep, because it would feel safe and I'd finally be able to relax. The "finally able to relax" is something I'd never realised about myself, but upon reflection, I never truly relax and I have never slept well, I used to get scolded for it as a small child, and it's never really gotten any better. And the way I sleep too with my back against the wall/covers up to my neck (even if I have to turn air con up to make it possible) to make me feel safe....I realised that I am permanently "on guard" 24/7, even during "sleep". I'm so used to the sleep deprivation, that it's "normal" to me, but if I am honest with myself, I am tired, I feel weary - I used to think weary from all the emotional stuff in my head, and probably partly so, as I never get to switch off, but realistically I think I am physically tired too.

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