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Forum is working properly.  You can pick up the threads of your past discussions by going to the "old forum" where you can see your posts.

We lost a lot of data from between Sept.7 and today.  I'm so sorry. 

For those of you who are interested, the internet has changed considerably since the "good old days," of just a decade ago.  Now everything has to be created with an eye to the horrible bots, the spammers who can play havoc with a site just for fun.

Setting up forums and comment sections of a website requires incredibly detailed and meticulous attention while putting in complex systems.  The concept is understandable but the actual mechanics are far beyond me.

The bottom line is that we want you to be free to post on the comments and on the forum without much of a delay.  We want you to be able to respond to what others say as well as the content I write.  AND we want to prevent a spammer with a neurotic and sadistic sense of power from posting 10,000 comments or forum posts in a half an hour. 

Servers can't handle that and cleaning it up afterwards is not simple.

It's frustrating to have your work disappear from this site. I know.  Mine disappeared too, from front and back end. 

But, please know, my tech person is working hard every day to make this site right for all of us.

Thank you for hanging in with us.

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