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Hi PTC, hope you're okay? I think I've had my ED for along time too (about 30 years), but what I've realised is that every time I go through a relapse/near relapse - recovery cycle, I learn something new and develop a greater understanding of it ...I hope one day I'll have learned enough to be able to keep myself in recovery and manage any relapse situations so well that true relapse can be averted or short-lived.

I'm relieved this evening to have had one friend contact me to say that she was sorry for taking my comments the wrong way and overreacting, and saying that she's just stressed and under a lot of pressure at the moment; another friend contacted me to say that he'd put the seemingly out of character offensive status on his FB and upheld it in our debate to play devils advocate and find out his friends' true thoughts on the matter; 2 people thanked myself and another friend for holding an interesting, civilised debate (we agreed to disagree); someone contacted me to say that they'd spent a few days mulling over something I'd written in a debate and realised that there was a lot of truth and sense in it and had done a complete U-turn on a decision she'd made as a result; and I messaged a friend to say that I realised she probably wanted my support rather than my views yesterday.

I'm now feeling quite drained from the whole experience, but relieved that my friends are pretty much who I thought they were, and I'm pretty much who I thought I was too. I'm guessing that the recent events in Paris have probably had a more far-reaching impact on us than most of us realise.

So now I'm just back to finding number 6 on the list a challenge.

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