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Family is the major issue for me, food is a little bit concerning, but mainly it's being forced to be not only in the company of people that I don't want to be, but also to cook, clean and run around looking after them some of the time too. I just can't wait until 28th Dec when I get a family-free day...so I'm kind of looking forward and focussing on that. I'm also very much trying to focus on the girls, as they are the people who make it all worthwhile, and their faces when they get up and Santa has been is wonderful, as are all the hugs and cuddles and 'I love you's that they lavish on me, and even tolerating family is really for the sake of the girls, if I didn't have the girls, I probably wouldn't be seeing them half as much, just the bare minimum. This is also going to be our first Christmas since my dad died, which might be a bit emotional, but I will be okay - the thing I'm dreading is my mum not being okay - it's understandable, I know, but I actually don't want to have to comfort her, I resent her coming to me for comfort and support when she has never shown it to me, not even as a child...the only hugs we've ever shared are the ones when she cries all over me about some hardship or other in her life and I feel obliged to offer them....oh well, I guess that prospect touches a bit of a raw nerve...but I'll be okay...28th isn't far off!

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