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Dear Tracy, Thank you for the heads up about the bad link. I corrected it. Yes, I think you will discover that feelings of dread and depression are connected. Eventually you'll discover that all your feelings are connected in some way because they are all yours and you are a whole person. You may feel divided up at times, but those are feelings. You are Tracy all the way through. :) I think you are asking great questions. They will help you stay present and attentive to your process and help in your recovery work. Sometimes people are afraid to be happy because the thought of being happy and losing it is to terrible (dreadful?) to consider. An important part of recovery is learning, through experience and memory, that feelings - all of them - come and go and come again. When we stay present and centered we can allow them to flow through us and experience being alive for all of it. I know many people can relate to what you are feeling. I hope they write to you. I'm also glad to know you are seeing your therapist once a week now. It's good to know you are reaching out for what you need and getting it. J

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